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  In the Beginning...
The Emergence of Diving Education
  In 1953 scuba diving was in its infancy.  Newspaper accounts of the time reflect a truly frightening if often inaccurate picture of the dawn of recreational diving.  It was a time of trial and error with frequent tragic results.  
Early Lung Divers circa 1950s   Early Skin Divers circa 1950s
  It was an era of home made scuba equipment and a four page instruction manual.  It was during this time that the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation launched its first Underwater Instructor Certification Course, commonly known today as UICC.
  The First UICC's
The first three courses lasted only 20 hours; 4UICC grew to 32 hours; 5UICC grew to 50 hours.  Today, some 50 plus years later the Los Angeles County Underwater Instructor Course leads the scuba education community with over 200 hours of training extended over a three month period of weekend training.  More than 250,000 safe divers have received certified instruction from the family of over 1100 Los Angeles County Underwater Instructors trained since 1954.
14 UICC circa 1967   Original Instructor Patch   15 UICC circa 1968
  The Los Angeles County Underwater Safety Committee
The following is one of the earliest available historical documents that first suggests that the County develop an Underwater Safety Committee to oversee public activity in the sport of scuba diving.  Click the picture to read the document.  Adobe Reader is required to view this file.  If you don't have Adobe Reader you can download it by clicking here.
Safety Committee - Circa 1954
This website is dedicated to the history, tradition and the ongoing diver educational programs offered by the County of Los Angeles Underwater Unit.  With that in mind, we welcome you to our website and invite you to look around and see first hand where diving education got its start.
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